The Great Gatsby

GO to watch the movie in cinema ! It must be great !


New Year Again

Time gone so quickly. It is new year again. Happy Chinese New Year !

I have not been here for quite some time. Too busy to update my life with all of you. 2012 is a memorable year with lots of changes happened on me. I have been to another 6 beautiful countries, met bunch intereting people. Hope everyone is doing well in the new year. May good luck be with you always. Lots of love.

New Hope

Time flies quickly. 2013 is here. Except the endof the world prediction in Maya texts, 2012 has been a memorable year to me. 

On the first half of the year, I discovered that the man I adored for years has a bunch of other mistresses. He dumped me for a chinese actress. That is the major reason pushed me to find a job on the market, to return to career and to escape from the emotional breakdown. Later on, my birth father incidentally invoved in a murder case then got in the jail to wait the juristiction decision. 

My new job with CDB Capital brings me friendship, mentorship , joy and most importantly courage. Courage to face up all the ups and downs. On the coldest of the cold days, hope is rising, eventually I see the light. 


The wedding planner

I ordered the balls and the basket ball cake for your corporate basketball match today. They are quite costy. In total RMB 2.5k. But it is worth of the money. Also, the ball is from the wedding orgniser 薇薇新娘. That is my very first time went to a wedding place. So that should be recorded !



Anny 说,产检查畸的时候,B超可以看到1公斤胎儿的五官和手指关节。第二次查畸,胎儿反应兴奋,看到用手遮脸等动作。
她有几个孕友, 其中一个去了美国,每月USD180牛奶费,她留着买小衣服,听着好温馨啊!


The storm is coming, I am adaptable

HK has been in raining since a week ago. Last saturday was the first day in a week that I see a clear sky. Thanks god, that is how my flight from Beijing eventually landed there, after a few hours delay.So I got a chance to watch the highly awaited batman movie, the dark knight rises.

The final of the trilogy presents the dark side of the series to the fullest. The chaos in the movie reminds me what happened in 1989 in China. Anarchy, that is the only word I employ here. With lots of flashbacks, I see those characters in the past two movies showing up in the new. The ending is rather a surprise. Nolan, or Warner Bros, has given everything to the series to make Batman stand out of all cartoon characters. There is almost no comic part at all in the movie. Only thing reminds us it is from a comic book is its ducky funny look.


This japanese pop song by Aoyama Thelma, lyric and music by Soulja, reminds me my sorrowful love story. Eventually nowhere to hide.

明日が来ちゃえば しばらく会えないけど
だから いくらさみしくて
思い出して 仆がいる事を
さよなら さよなら
今だけさよなら 今は
さよなら さよなら また会えるから
また会える日まで 君と过ごした日々の
道迷いそうな时も 君の笑うその顔
だから さよならよりも
伝えたい ありがとう
さよなら さよなら
今だけさよなら 今は
さよなら さよなら また会えるから
また会える日まで 少しさみしくても
仆たちは待ち続けてるね きっと
いくら离れてても いくら时流れても
また会う约束なんだよ だから
さよなら さよなら また会えるから
さよなら さよなら
今だけさよなら 今は
さよなら さよなら また会えるから